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Job title: Sales and Marketing Administrator

PTV UK & Ireland has an exciting opportunity for a full-time Sales and Marketing Administrator to be based at our West Midlands office in Halesowen. The successful candidate will support our growing business in the UK & Ireland where we already have a well-established presence with clients from public authority, consultancy, academic, automotive and research organisations.

The ideal candidate will have at least five years of experience in an office administration or sales support position and will be keen to progress their career and diversify their skills and experience in sales, marketing and office management.

We will offer an attractive package for the right candidate with the right experience.

Key responsibilities:

Key attributes:

Location: Halesowen Office
Enquiries: Victoria Farmer by email or call +44 (0) 121 5856633

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To us, it was very important that the system was able to describe different types of goods flow from various types of terminals in an easy way. With the Plan LogiX tramping algorithm, the flow of goods was described very exactly. It also felt secure to be able to buy a standard system that would fulfil the planning needs we have.
(P-O Larsson, KF Distribution & Logistics)


From the very early days of implementing Route Optimiser we achieved significant cost savings and raised our efficiency profile with our customers.
(Clare Stannard, IT Manager


Route Optimiser is a fully versatile and effective transport planning tool that has assisted us in supporting our clients in many varied and complex scenarios.
(Brian Templar, Chairman)

Davies & Robsonquote

Without Route Optimiser, we would need five extra people to provide the same level of service.
(Distribution Controller)

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During our recent peak season we didn't have to hire any additional vehicles to cope with the increased loads, an indication of proper route engineering. Our return on investment has been an overwhelming 700% over a very short period. Most other software packages would only provide us with scheduling functionality whereas the solution provided by Route Optimiser addressed our particular needs.
(National Sales Productivity Manager)